By Sally

The origins of Skyveld Ultimate began in earnest in the latter months of 2014… A small group people had learnt how to play and love Ultimate while being a part of the Wits Voodoo Kudus for a number of years. By the end of 2014 there were a number who had graduated from Wits University but wanted to continue playing ultimate with the same exhilarating energy as the Voodoo Kudus, but perhaps with slightly slower legs and dimming fitness levels. Thus this group of people initially formed a team named the ‘Voodoo Veterans’ with the hope of growing and becoming a club in their own right.

On the last day of the first month of 2015 the club was christened with a new name which would take it in to the future – SKYVELD. The name originated from a blend of ‘Sky’ (to sky someone – grab a disc from over someone’s head while jumping) and ‘Highveld’ (the region in which the team plays). With a new name, a few beers down and some new team members the club began its pursuit of ultimate glory. 5 year plans and emails flew back and forth with youthful abandon. Fitness sessions began and practices grew intense in preparation for the first National Championships which Skyveld would take part in. High hopes and buzzing nerves led the team to gain 15th place. Since our first national tournament Skyveld has moved up the ranks and continues to grow.


Although it originated as an alumni team, it is open to all and was very proud of its Spanish contingent and their amusing addition to the side-line banter while they were with us. It must be noted that Skyveld has a strong commitment to jokes, songs and dancing both on and off the field.

The Skyveld ethos is ‘WORK HARD, PLAY TOGETHER, JOL’ and we continue to strive towards this through supporting and trusting in each other.